Using the childlike art form of stick figures, Jeffrey Metzner offers a refreshingly irreverent new look at some of the most iconic images from our culture. STICK: GREAT MOMENTS IN ART, HISTORY, FILM, AND MORE is a book for art lovers, film buffs, and anyone who appreciates the irony of art in its simplest form: stick.

The idea for this book came about when Jeffrey and his grandson Orion were spending the afternoon together on the front porch. Orion said, “Gramps, did you know that I am taking art classes and that I like art a lot...and I know a lot about art, too?!” Metzner responded by quickly drawing a stick figure image and asked, “OK, wise guy, what’s  this?” “Gramps, that’s too easy,” Orion said, “That’s the Mona Lisa!” Metzner tested Orion with a few more and Orion tried a couple of his own, and before long the family got involved and everyone was hooked.

Metzner spent the next few evenings choosing iconic images and making stick figure representations of them.With his background in art and design, Metzner’s drawings soon became less stick-like and lost their naïveté, so Jeffrey went to his computer, limiting himself to circles and lines to recapture the original innocence. The result is the entertaining, informative and utterly unique STICK.

Using his sense of humor, boyish charm and artistic ability, Metzner ensures that readers will never see culture the same way again! Certain to spark lively conversations, STICK is an irresistibly playful volume, and this book may just be the start of a STICK sensation.


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